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An online book shop with FREE shipping? Plus 11,000 free ebooks? Yep, that’s right!

I loooooove books.  Love them!  My dream job is to own a book shop, but I’m not sure I’d be any good at it…. I’d want the store shelves to look like my own book shelves that are positively bulging at the seams and I’d never want to part with any of them.  Lucky my lovely husband is in the furniture business, so I can keep requesting more bookshelves for every birthday and Christmas!

Which is especially lucky now that my friend Cassandra introduced me to – it’s an online bookshop with 11,000 free ebook titles and if (like me) you prefer the hardcopy variety, you can order all the latest titles and your favorites as well and receive FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!!!  
I just ordered 2 titles that have been on my wishlist… at a great discount and in 3 easy steps!  This is one of the best kept secrets…  but now that I’m onto it my paypal account could be in trouble!


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