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Help wanted: Gender balanced investors to quiz Directors on the gender agenda

Do you invest in shares? Would you use your vote to demand that companies you invest in act now to capitalize on the opportunity women present? If so, I want to hear from you. (And if not, you should and you can!) As a shareholder, I attended the Fairfax Media annual general meeting in Sydney […]

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Leadership In Action: Knowing when to quit, to change or to start afresh

Are you good at quitting? I’ve become a little obsessed with quitting this year. Because for far too long before that, I’d fallen into that trap of saying yes to everything. Yes, I could work that extra day. Yes, I could launch that new product line. Yes, I can take over that project that’s spiraling […]

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Fancy working 9 weeks less AND earning more? New study reveals benefits of mobile business – but is it really possible?

Bibbip. 4am. Bloody email on the bloody smart phone. Twelve years and still Hewhoshallnotbewrittenabout is seemingly unable to find the silent switch before bedtime.  Grrrrrrrr. But such is the love hate relationship we have with our devices.

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An important event for business owners: The 2013 SME Business Governance Symposium series

Here’s an event that those entrepreneurs amongst you may find of interest and which I’m delighted to promote on behalf of the team at Women on Boards.  The 2013 SME Business Governance Symposium series is a partnership between Women on Boards, Nat…

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WEConnect: a life changing opportunity for Melbourne’s entrepreneurs?

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to meet Sue Lawton the Director for Innovation with WEConnect International.  If you’re an entrepreneur and you haven’t heard about WEConnect yet, you need to!  This is one organisation that is truly ch…

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Congratulations to Nikki White at The Heart Of, winner of Suncorp’s Helping Hand competition

A big shout out to my friend and former colleague Nikki White for her winning tip in the Suncorp Bank Helping Hand competition.  Nikki is the founder of The Heart Of and is a process guru – so it’s no surprise thather top – and winning – tip for r…

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"The only moment we ever really have is this one - celebrate it. Happiness isn't in the future or the past but in the awareness of the present." - Anna McPhee

Anna's words are how she lived her life. She has been an amazing inspiration, a wonderful support, a gracious mentor to me throughout my career. So many of us counted her as a girlfriend to look up to, and her legacy will live on in the many women she has inspired to live their very best life.

I will miss her.

Sending condolences to Reggie, Anna's beautiful mum Trish and adoring sisters, and all of her extended family.

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