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Business men step up to face off flexibility in new tell-all doco series

I wanted to write this post last night but it was a designated no-work zone blocked out in my calendar for family time. Perhaps that’s a side to flexible work that five businessmen are about to familiarize themselves with as they undertake The Equilibrium Man Challenge. The program is an initiate of the Workplace Gender […]

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Inspiration for your week from a pioneer of flexible work

My favorite thing to do on a Monday morning before I get onto my to-do list is to review the TED Talks of the week… and I just had to share this one, by Dame Stephanie Shirley – an octogenarian software developer, child refugee, startup success and philanthropist. What a fantastic story! Dame Stephanie – […]

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Fancy working 9 weeks less AND earning more? New study reveals benefits of mobile business – but is it really possible?

Bibbip. 4am. Bloody email on the bloody smart phone. Twelve years and still Hewhoshallnotbewrittenabout is seemingly unable to find the silent switch before bedtime.  Grrrrrrrr. But such is the love hate relationship we have with our devices.

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Paid parental leave is popular with mums, but childcare still king

Ask any working mum what’s her secret to success and there’s one common denominator: access to quality and affordable childcare. Despite existing benefits and the introduction of paid parental leave by the Federal Government, Australian fam…

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Thinking of working from home? Work from home DISadvantage suggests it’s not all smooth sailing

If you’re thinking of working from home, then here’s another free resource that you might want to review before you give up your desk in the office.  We’ve heard a lot about why people want to work from home… now this infographic from Internet P…

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Parenting & Work: Tell the politicians what really counts when it comes to childcare, paid parental leave, early learning and more

Parenting and work – and how to combine the two – are critical issues for our communities.  Since launching the Make Care Fair petition three years ago, a lot has changed in the world of childcare, paid parental leave and the needs of …

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Super excited to to hear The SheEO Jen Dalitz who will be MC at our upcoming International Women's Day luncheon. Self described as change agent, flexible worker, gender balancer, farmer, writer and speaker on #followership, happy mum & lover of life. And she has an awesome honest way of speaking that doesn't pull any punches.......should be a great event with her at the helm! If you haven't heard of Jen, read her blog, it's rather awesome. Get your tickets via the link in our bio. Every dollar from raffle sales helps #WearforSuccess support people facing barriers to employment. ... See MoreSee Less

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What a little ripper! You know I'm sure we've all been as excited as this 11-year-old dynamo about something in our lives. But how to keep the momentum? Love this. What's your "donut"?! (Mine? My puppies and ponies.... together when possible!) ... See MoreSee Less

11-year-old Australian surfing star Sabre is one of my favorite people I met this year, and she’s about to be one of yours.

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Raw. Real. Remembering just some of the magical talent that departed our realm last year.

Music is such a gift, it lightens our load and brings such joy, and how lucky are we to experience all of these fantabulous artists in our lifetime??

Of course their memories will live on in their songs that I'll certainly continue to belt out ad infinitum (karaoke tribute night anyone?!)

Thanks Keith Urban for a moving musical tribute. Fair dinkum mate, it's a ripper...
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Keith Urban pays tribute to some of the iconic musicians we lost in 2016 in a moving medley. 🎶 #Studio10

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