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Do the same principles apply to success in love and success in business? Could you flirt your way to the top? Find out how dating and managing your career have more in common than you might think

If there is one thing that women do better then men, hands down – it’s talk about our own relationships to our friends. I don’t think I’ve had one situation where I didn’t receive a vast range of advice every time I posed a question to my female friends about some relationship issue. A book by Nicole Williams, called Girl on Top: Your Guide to Turning Dating Rules into Career Success offer a fresh perspective on how to master your work relationships by applying the same principles as dating. Williams applies the rules of dating that we all know and love – or know and break – to business, with remarkably impressive cross over of the “get respect and get what you want” rules.

One snippet:

“Another classic, “don’t give the milk away for free,” is something your mother might have warned you during a chat about having sex before commitment. Williams chastises professional women everywhere for doing just that: giving our talent and ideas away without negotiating a fair price, and then wondering why we’re undervalued in the workplace.”

But what about professional flirting?  Is there any place for it and should women consider it?  Williams is controversially candid in her view that there are opportunities available to women to flirt their way to the top and sees it as a legitimate strategy all women should be aware of.  She is aware, however, that not everyone agrees with her. She says it’s an unpopular view with feminists, who believe that women who flirt in the office diminish their talent and intelligence, and with men, who feel more vulnerable to sexual harassment suits. To the critics, she says: “It’s empowering. Flirting is one of many assets that you can work to get ahead.”

Read the full article here.

 Ever applied a dating rule to a work context of your own? Or been an office flirt or an observer of one (male or female?)  I’d love to hear your perspectives on this one.


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