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Dress for success and share when you’re there

We’re heading into cooler weather, and like many of you I am beginning the reshuffle of my wardrobe that brings the warmer clothes to the front, and retiring my summer staples till next year. And like every time one does a wardrobe re-organise, some items leave for good (probably fewer then should!). Rather then chucking them out or into a charity bin, there is a new more targeted option available for passing them on for maximum benefit.

I ran into a woman called Di Ryall last week, at the CEW lunch. Di founded an organisation that aims to empower women by sharing, in the most basic way. It’s called Dress for Success, and it’s a global organisation with the goal of giving women in need the clothes, and confidence to get ahead.

Di was telling me about how every year we release about 1800 women from Correctional Service facilities, and that these women are not given a clothing pack. This makes it hard to fit back into society, and especially hard to succeed in a new job, or even just a job interview.

I’ve already sent some items through, and encourage you guys to kick your old clothes that way too. Di told me they are desperately in need handbags, of clothes that are size 16 and up, and small shoes (size 6 and smaller).

So if you have clothes, shoes or handbags that are in good condition but you no longer need, get in touch with Di’s team at Dress for Success or call 1800 773 256 and they’ll arrange a pick up for you.


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