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Educating women the key to improving business in the developing world

New research by McKinsey points to education being the key driver for economic growth and business opportunities in the developing world. The same research also points to a new development in the gender differences prevalent in development work. It’s a fairly well accepted fact that allocating funds to a girl in a developing community is more solid investment then funding a boy in the same group. One of the key reasons for this is that in general, women reinvest a larger portion of their income then men do.  Another cultural and lifestyle factor is that women are more likely to stay within the one community, as the primary carer of a child.

New research by McKinsey outlines the financial difference an extra year of secondary education has on a girl, and a boy child. The study found that for girls that extra year caused a 10-20% rise in future earnings, whereas with boys it was 5-15%. Consequently, improving education for women in the developing world could greatly boost national prosperity and international business opportunities.

It will be exciting to seeing emerging business women from developing countries in the future.  So much so that it might just be worth adding a foundation that funds educational facilities in the developing world to your companies list of causes.


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