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Feeling like you want out? Lifestyle careers opportunity

If you are feeling like the workplace you’re in just doesn’t fit – you’re probably right. Is it a constant battle to make long hours, high pressure roles work? Especially when you’re also looking after a baby, an injury or a family member needing your support.

Many women struggle in work places that aren’t flexible enough to fulful other demands in life, let alone allow time for fun and relaxation.

But there is no need to give up on the satisfaction and stimulation a challenging career gives you. The Lifestyle Careers Job Board has been relaunched to ensure its user friendly. One feature I think sounds wonderful is the SMS job alert functionality, so once the board knows what you’re looking for you can set it up to text you the vital stats on a new job, so you know when to check back in.

Also if you’re a recruiting you can access their sphinxx “buy 1-get 1 free” offer so you can get twice the ads for your investment, simply by calling1300 886 032 and quote “SPHINXX”  to get the special deal.


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