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For working women expecting a baby, or considering one. How to cope at work in the lead up to the birth of your little one.

If you’re about to have a baby, currently working out when to announce you’re pregnant or considering trying to have a baby in the next few months, chances are that you’re excited, and a little concerned about your job. Thisarticle explores the range of reactions and the issues facing expectant mums and how employers should respond.

Whether you announce the good news (because it is good news, don’t let work hinder your enjoyment and excitement of this moment) immediately, or like many women keep it quiet till it becomes very obvious, you need to be honest with your managers. Even if you feel like you may be discriminated against, lying about being pregnancy will damage your reputation, and decrease the trust and goodwill of your managers.

Consider when you are likely to return to work. Take your time to work this out, but it’s enormously useful, and less stressful to include this in your announcement, or the early ensuing conversations.

If you are planning on changing your role to a part time, contracting or casual role you should tell your manager. They will need to find a replacement, but also locate work for you to do, and not have it swallowed up by a new employee.

Talk about it – discuss your maternity leave, and your employer’s expectations as early as possible. This prevents misunderstandings and drama later on, when let me tell you, you’ll be overwhelmed enough by the pregnancy to be able to fight hard for a change in arrangements.

You can read this article to gain an understanding of what your employer is not allowed to do, and what is inappropriate.


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