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Happiness = Higher income.…3 easy, cheap steps for happier employees and a couple of things to watch for

The Harvard Business Review has published the daily stat that greater happiness is linked to a higher future income. On a five-point happiness scale, a one-point increase was linked to a 3% higher income.

So if happier women earn more, then happier women are more productive. Therefore you want your women workers to be happy ones! Before you go putting in place mood tests during job interviews, I can think of a couple of easy and cheap steps employers could take to make their female employers happier.

  1. Meet with some of your leading women one on one, and ask them what they need to be more satisfied at work. They will have ideas about how management could make the workplace a better place to be. And they’re ideas will probably ring true for most of your employees. Everyone wins.
  2. Have a look at how your company recognises success – women are often outstanding behind the scenes workers who make things happen. Find a way to recognise this work, and employees will feel recognised, and do their work better.
  3. Understand how your company celebrates – are you celebration rituals are good for women as they are for men? Are they set in male dominated /intimidating venues for a lone woman?

A couple of instant mood destroyers for female employees?

When a male co-worker is being paid more for the same job, when management is unwilling to discuss how to best construct your role if you have family commitments that means you can’t be there 8am-9pm every day, if performance reviews are based on personality, connections or popularity.


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