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Happiness strategies to keep everyone smiling

At last! A website that keeps everyone happy. Or almost – I’m sure there is someone who can find something wrong with anything. The website houses research findings, media report summaries, self-help ideas and the odd humorous take on happiness. 

Here are some interesting key ideas from an article posted on the website from the Scientific American Mind magazine:

– The concept of laughter as a cure for disease lacks scientific support, but humor may indeed have significant effects on the psyche.
– Laughter relaxes us and improves our mood, and hearing jokes may ease anxiety. Amusement can also counteract pain.
– Cheerfulness, a trait that makes people respond more readily to humor, is linked to emotional resilience—the ability to keep a level head in difficult circumstances—and to close relationships. Life satisfaction may increase with the ability to laugh.   

Check out the happiness research, happiness musings and ideas on how to be happy


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