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Hilary Clinton: “We don’t have a person to waste, and we certainly don’t have a gender to waste”

At last week’s National Assembly on Gender Equity & Inclusion in Melbourne I was reminded by Dr Anne Summers of the role Government can and should play in gender equity.  As a former adviser to the Prime Minister, Anne Summers knows how to make a point about policy and productivity – and she didn’t pull any punches on where she thinks the Government can improve its policies for women and workforce participation. Her reminder that gender equity is a productivity issue was timely, and she suggested we all go away and watch the speech by Hilary Clinton, US Secretary of State, at the APEC Summit last year for an eloquent demonstration on the role of women in strengthening any economy.

This speech by Hilary Clinton is – I think – one of her best.  If you haven’t seen it, click on this photo to view it online.  It’s full of stats, studies and facts on the advantages of gender balance in leading our businesses, communities, marketplaces and everything in between.


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