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How Passion gives Corporate Business Women the Power to succeed – guest post from Ingrid Messner, our newest member of the sphinxx recommendations directory

When Rhonda Brighton of eyewear and eye care company, Luxottica, accepted the 2009 Telstra NSW Business Woman of the Year award last year, she made it clear: “It’s an incredible privilege to be recognised for doing something I feel passionate about every day. My advice to other women – be yourself, be proud and follow your passion.”  Listening to her during a recent Networking event, you could literally see and feel that bringing her passion to work obviously is a strong driver for her… and is ultimately creating success for her business. Passion is a contagious power!

Rhonda’s words are a timeless truth that so many women forget in their day-to-day corporate life. So often they think (and say): “I don’t have time now to follow my passions.” Or, “I’ll come back to my passions once I’ve retired.” Or even worse, “I’m not sure any longer what I’m really passionate about.” Or, … pick any other excuse that you’ve heard before why they can’t enjoy their work and life now. 

Let’s have a look at Sarah’s story.

Sarah is the Marketing Manager in a large company. She is very frustrated and unhappy at work, her team has started to complain about her moods to her boss and her boss just wants her to be happy again so that the whole team can perform again. Her boss hires an Executive Coach to work with her.

A first conversation between her and the coach reveals that she has no idea what is driving her in life and which activities or things can reenergize her on a daily base. She doesn’t know any longer what she’s passionate about and what she really wants to achieve in her career. She just wants to leave. Everything looks like a burden to her.

After acknowledging that she has come to a crossroads point, she agrees to participate in a Coaching Program, called Passion Mapping. After three weeks of exploring her passions in various different ways, she creates a clear roadmap of where she wants to go in the future and which steps will take her there. She takes a very brave decision by leaving her current job and starts a new role within a couple of weeks. Between jobs, she focuses in even more detail on how she is going to create her future.

Her most important learning: “I suddenly realised, it’s me who is holding me back. It’s not the others or my boss. It’s me and I can change it. Now, that I’m aware of my passions, I can find ways of taking my passions to my new workplace.” Sarah is full of energy again and has started to implement her vision already. Her new job fulfils a clearly defined role that she has chosen on her way. She’s in control of her career and her life now. She’s happy again. And her new boss likes it, too.

Clearly knowing all your passions and finding a way of how you can integrate your personal passions into your daily work, is a major energizer that keeps you going…in the direction that YOU choose.

About the Author | Ingrid Messner is an Executive Coach and Passion Map Practitioner who works with business women who want to reenergize their career and personal life at the same

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