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In Innovation, Apple Leads… But the Game’s Not Over. This HBR article looks at how to be a long-term innovator





Jim Andrew and Hal Sirkin are Senior Partners and Managing Directors of The Boston Consulting Group and coauthors of “Payback: Reaping the Rewards of Innovation”, a book that offers a new way to think about and manage innovation that will dramatically improve the odds of success. 

If you read recent cover stories in BusinessWeek and the Economist, you might conclude that Apple is the ultimate innovator. And you might be right. The company has reinvented itself multiple times and in the process has already transformed at least two industries — personal computing and digital music. What will be the impact of the iPhone? While there are no certainties, major seems to be a safe bet.

So – is Apple’s continued innovation leadership a foregone conclusion?

This is a fascinating look at strategy, innovation and leadership. 
Click here to read the full summary and order the book via Harvard Online 


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