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Innovation in business – free seminar

Innovation is one of the eternal buzzwords you hear floating around our workplaces and it’s a theme for our ownAscend events this quarter.Trumpeted as an excellent hireable quality, it is interesting how many innovative ideas with a credible chance of success do not get off the ground.

If this strikes a chord with you, and you’re sick of seeing your great ideas stall, there is a free workshop in Coffs Harbour Tuesday May 4th, from 4pm-6pm. The seminar is run by NSW Innovation Advisory Service promises that “companies wishing to explore the practical steps towards commercialisation, including financing options should attend” says Dan Liszka, CEO NSW Innovation Advisory Service and reminds us that “smart companies are always looking for ways to leverage innovation into growth,” he says.

Whilst the course is nominally about the manufacturing industry, the training they are offering is an understanding of how to “build value into your company, manage your intellectual property and strategies to effectively grow your business or build value for sale.”

If you’re interested you can find out more here.


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