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MamaMia you’ve let us down

Disappointed.  That’s how I describe my reaction to Mia Freedman’s blog post saying how awkward it was for her to report on Mark McInnes’ inappropriate behaviour as CEO of DJ’s.  On her MamaMia blog, Freedman acknowledged what McInnes did was wrong, but also notes she had declined initially to respond on the basis that McInnes is a lifelong family friend, noting that she “knows a very different side to him”.

That’s all very well Mia, but knowing there is a different side is really not helpful.  And it’s really not good enough for the women who rely on you to support their issues on your blog, and for the various staff who were victims of his behaviour while leading DJs. 

Freedman was also a speaker at the Women Management and Work Conference in Sydney and shared some of her experiences of working at Channel 9 – another workplace known to have an inappropriate level of blokey behaviour – including her friendship with Eddie Maguire and her belief that “Eddie really does like women and he has a fabulous wife who’s a supporter of women”.  Try telling that to Jessica Rowe after he “boned” her.

Mama Mia – if you want to be a voice for women, you might want to choose your friends more wisely.


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