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More than 25 percent of Australian employees believe their employer would choose a man over an equally qualified woman

HR firm Randstad recently conducted a survey of approximately 400
Australian workers and found that only 40% of the male respondents say their employers, when looking
for new managers, take into account the current number of men and women
in higher management positions, compared to 25% of female respondents.  Randstad chief executive Fred van der Tang says it is concerning that
only a quarter of women recognise their employer’s efforts to address
gender imbalance.

“It’s also of concern there is such a large disparity between the
perceptions of men and women when it comes to the efforts of their
employers to recruit more women into leadership roles,” he says.  “If men believe one thing and women believe another, something is clearly missing.”

28% of survey respondents say even when there are equally
suitable candidates, their employer tends to choose a man, regardless of
the current male to female ratio; while more than a third say they would prefer to have a man as their
manager, compared to only 20% who say they prefer to have a woman in

And while 44% of females say they prefer to work with men, only 23% of females say they prefer to work with their own gender.

Thanks to Carol Schwartz for sharing this research link.


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