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New study findings in a MUST READ article – excellent summary of the stats and issues facing women in getting the top jobs with a priceless tip for women and employer

Often it takes a while for the idea of gender diversity, and the diversity benefits to gain traction with someone not familiar with the challenges. If you’re new to the gender diversity conversation, or just need an update or refresher, this article effectively summarizes some incredible findings from a new study that finds discrimination is both less visible, and starts earlier in women’s careers then many suspect.

“There is nothing new about women being under-represented in the C-suite,  but this research reveals what is holding back women who aspire to higher leadership positions — that discrimination is less visible and starts so early in their career that it cripples their ability to compete with a male colleague who has had more opportunity.” – Ann Howard, Chief Scientist for Bridgeville DDI

The only positive finding for women in the study was that its not about how well female vs male talent does once in the talent development and acceleration pipeline, it’s getting into that high investment group in the first place. So women, let’s focus on getting into those programs, and employers if you want to advance women and gain the maximum diversity benefits, start your female talents development early and make sure you have enough women in your targeted talent pipeline.


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