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Post natal resources available for new mothers at The Smiling Mask

The Smiling Mask is a book addressing the truths about postpartum depression and parenthood and is supported by a fantastic website – – that is accessible to women all around the world. The goal of the book is to shed light on the realities that many mothers and families face when their lives are affected with postpartum disorders – there is much misunderstanding and judgment of the people who struggle, with as many as 1 out of 4 families. There is a critical need to raise awareness and support so that these families may flourish with joy and happiness, and ultimately reduce its affects on future generations. This book will enlighten mothers by giving hope and inner peace by empowering families to embrace the natural life changing process of parenthood.

The Smiling Mask encompasses the lives of three women who have lived through the trauma of postpartum illnesses and are willing to share their experiences and knowledge in order to help others. The book addresses the agony that fathers/husbands/families endure. As well, there is self-help information to enlighten new mothers of the potential warning signs. Included, is a “What to do – What worked for them” guide to assist those who are currently experiencing the symptoms and for their families and friends.

The authors passionately believe that the outcome of exposing the truth about mothermood, the ups and downs, will only generate belief in motherhood by accepting its conditions and working together in community to make a positive difference for generations to come. “We need to take the responsibility to heal and transform ourselves so we can heal this world, together.” This healing starts with the Mother. 

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