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Retirement gender pay gap – why it affects more women than just those with kids and why you need to consider it when making career decisions

I posted a blog a while back about post-career considerations and why it’s important that we’re active in addressing the pay gap that women will get in retirement, primarily because they take time off paid work to have kids. But with an increasingly aging population, women are usually the first ones to step up to take care of their aging parents who require support. This can also cause a paid work gap that can devastate one’s super. This can be a game changing opportunity for employers, who can quickly implement initiatives to solve this issue for their female staff, and become one of the best places for female talent to work.

If you’re keen to find out what the Sexual Discrimination Commissioner is doing about, click here. I also recommend you start considering such issues in your choice of employer. Increasingly companies who are keen to prosper from the diversity benefits of great female staff are committed to paying their employees super while they’re taking parental leave, and allocate more flexible working arrangement for carers.


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