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Shoutout from Australian Womensport & Recreation Association – can you help?

I’ve received this shoutout from Australian Womensport & Recreation Association and I thought for such a worthwhile cause, there must be someone out there reading this blog who can help….  So here it is:  In order to create a stronger, healthier Australian culture through the active participation of women and girls in sport, physical activity and active recreation AWRA needs an Executive Officer.  They’re seeking like-minded people and organisations who also have a vision to create a stronger and healthier Australia. If you have any ideas on how to make an Executive Officer real … please make contact as soon as you can. For us, no idea is outrageous, and every idea opens another opportunity, so please contact us with your ideas, thoughts and of course, we won’t say no to cash!!!

Here’s all the the details including contact details if you’re able to help.


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