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What if YOUR daughter wants to be a soldier?

Perhaps the only good thing to come out of yet another Defence scandal this week is the blistering speech by Lieutenant General David Morrison who delivered a clear and candid message to his troops: “those that think that it is ok to behave in a …

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Would you speak out about inappropriate behaviour or bullying at work? Why most women don’t.

“So who here would like to fu#% Jane* tonight?”   This is the example one woman gave me to illustrate the culture of bullying and harassment in her team. It happened at a sales dinner with her all-male colleagues and two male clients. The question emerged in the restaurant, after dinner and the consumption of an abundance […]

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Employers free to sack gossip mongers: Fair Work Australia gives green light to sack worker for spreading salacious rumours

Spreading rumours at work is indeed a sackable offence, with the decision to sack a Global Cranes worker who spread “salacious” rumours being upheld by the workplace watchdog. Former Global Cranes employee Kym Reedy was fired in December last year after it was found that she spread rumours about her employer’s sex life and supposed drug […]

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Men’s Regrets Focus on Work, Women’s on Love

Asked to report one salient regret in life, men were more likely to mention a work regret, whereas women were more likely to mention a regret related to love, according to a survey of 370 adult Americans by Mike Morrison of the University of Illinois and Neal J. Roese of the Kellogg School at Northwestern University. When […]

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"The only moment we ever really have is this one - celebrate it. Happiness isn't in the future or the past but in the awareness of the present." - Anna McPhee

Anna's words are how she lived her life. She has been an amazing inspiration, a wonderful support, a gracious mentor to me throughout my career. So many of us counted her as a girlfriend to look up to, and her legacy will live on in the many women she has inspired to live their very best life.

I will miss her.

Sending condolences to Reggie, Anna's beautiful mum Trish and adoring sisters, and all of her extended family.

Vale Anna Marsali McPhee (1970 - 2017)
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