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Today’s posts are about giving back… Can you help or pass this on? Rental homes needed for flood displaced Queenslanders

I’m dedicating my blog posts today to those in our community who are focused on helping others… and they really do need our help.  This morning I received an email from Eric Allgood with a personal account just how enormous the impact of the Queensland floods will be on locals.  I know that many of you have donated goods and money… Eric works in real estate and has taken on a mammoth task of trying to find empty homes that can be rented to Queenslanders who now find themselves homeless.  Imaging losing all your possessions… and still having no where to live due to the sheer scale of the floods and 75% of Queensland being under water.  Here’s a snippet from Eric’s email and how you can help:

“People are notoriously crap at asking for help…. but MOST OF ALL I NEED EMPTY PROPERTIES TO RENT TO FLOOD VICTIMS … I have spent the past few days harassing people with properties for sale that are empty to allow me to rent them out to flood victims. I have a waiting list of close to 100 people and only 2 properties left. I need them all over Brisbane, so if you know of anyone, forward this email and get them to call me!!! NOW!

So if you have a holiday home or rental property in Brisbane that you could make available please do phone Eric on 07 3720 0670 or click here to email him.  

But here’s the important part… Even if you can’t help, perhaps you know someone else with a property in Brisbane or indeed anywhere in Queensland that you could forward this to?  And don’t forget your six degrees… why not send an email to your friends asking if they know anyone who can help?

I think we’ve all been impressed by the army of volunteers on the ground in Brisbane… this is a chance for those of us around the country to do our bit too.


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