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Upcoming NSW training/refresher event on discrimination, harassment and bullying and what it means for your workplace by AIM

There has been so much traffic to our blog about the $37 million lawsuit against DJs, and such a media furore around the case that it’s clear that harassment and bullying are hot issues in the workplace right now. If you run a team or company in NSW, this refresher seminar is a must see. Set to start at 5.30 to 7.15pm on Tuesday the 21st of September, you can book now online.

I’ve been consulting a range of employers now about the often-underestimated value that a healthy and inclusive working environment can bring to their staff
retention, motivation and output.  Having a company dogged by rumours of unchecked harassment and rampant bullying, no matter how subtle, is a sure fire way to stifle innovation, have poor engagement with your employees and lose your talented staff to competitors.

This Australian Institute of Management seminar will cover a range of topics including recent cases and trends, the damage a claim can do (mishandling a claim can take $500,000 of your bottom line) and how to reduce your organisations exposure to such claims.

As workplace bullying is considerably more present then we like to imagine, I would recommend every employer attend.


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