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Vibrantly coloured accessories that raise money to get people in developing countries back on their feet

Gorgeous scarfs and unique jewellery. Prosthetic limbs and unexploded ordnance. These just don’t seem to go together do they?

But at Silk Lotus – they do. Silk Lotus is a website that offers a great range of fun accessories such as silk scarves, silver jewellery and funky shopping bags like this one:





And the money spent on their products goes to the producers directly in order to support their livelihoods. These producers are mainly women, making these goods in their homes by blending old traditions with new styles and materials. Money from Silk Lotus purchases also go to The Cooperative Orthotic and 
Prosthetic Enterprise, a local Laos organisation that provides prosthetic limbs, walking frames, training and support for people disabled by unexploded bombs. 

So if you need to buy a present for a friend or coworker, have a look at Silk Lotus, not only is it full of great gifts, the money you spend on your friend becomes an investment in a less fortunate life.


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