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What are the business lessons we all can learn from The Apprentice?

I’ve been hooked watching Australia’s own version of The Apprentice over the past couple of months and judging by the conversation around town yesterday, so too have many others.  On Monday night 23-year old Andrew Morello, an auctioneer from Moonee Ponds in Victoria, won the final challenge to be hired by Mark Bouris in a contract worth $200,000.  So what can we learn from some of the contestants and their journey:

1.  From Gavin the lawyer, we learned that it wasn’t enough to deliver 100% personally, if you can’t get 100% from your people.
2.  From Sabrina the uni student and former Miss Australia, we learned that confidence will get you everywhere and camouflage many mistakes along the way.
3.  From Sam, the 19 year old law student from Adelaide, we learned that there’s no age limits on fresh ideas… but experience counts for a lot.
4.  From Heather we learned that you can have the winning product and the winning pitch, but still not come out in front.
5.  And from Morello, we learned that charisma, building rapport rapport and being a people person will get you a long way… but responding to feedback from your boss and being comfortable with selling will get you further.

Just my thoughts… post your comments about your take on The Apprentice and how much it reflects the real world of business…


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