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An inspiring story of Robyn Holt, a life time of achievements and a happy family – that came from confidence and perseverance.

There are many success stories of powerful women who are committed to their work and their family out there, and I still find them encouraging because everyone’s life and story is a bit different.

I found this article about Robyn Holt enormously encouraging. This is a woman who has worked in the notoriously competitive magazine and fashion industries; met, married and stayed with a man working in movies; and made compromises, smart steps and gutsy moves to get her dream jobs.

From the article:

“Holt wishes that, when she was 30, she had known that confidence in one’s instincts can lead to great things. “The one thing that has kept me going through all the difficult times and, yes, there have been many, is my sense of humour, not taking myself too seriously and having a great family,” she says. “And, finally, an unending curiosity.”

The full article is here, and it’s a great reminder of the many turns life can take, and how to balance work, family and passions.


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