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Building the civilised workplace: Nasty people don’t just make others feel miserable; they create economic problems for their companies

It’s a bigger problem than you might think—jerks and bullies in the workplace. Research shows that they not only hinder recruiting and retention but also raise levels of client churn, damage reputations, and diminish the confidence of investors. Robert Sutton, the author of this article, a Stanford University professor, argues that companies can take specific and interrelated steps to root out jerks and bullies and build a more civilised workplace.

Sutton lists 12 common ways that workplace jerks do their dirty work; The dirty dozen:
1.    Personal insults
2.    Invading coworker’s personal territory
3.    Uninvited physical contact
4.    Threats and intimidation, verbal and nonverbal
5.    Sarcastic jokes and teasing used as insult delivery systems
6.    Withering e-mails
7.    Status slaps intended to humiliate victims
8.    Public shaming or status degradation rituals 
9.    Rude interruptions
10.    Two-faced attacks
11.    Dirty looks
12.    Treating people as if they were invisible

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