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Parenting & Work: Tell the politicians what really counts when it comes to childcare, paid parental leave, early learning and more

Parenting and work – and how to combine the two – are critical issues for our communities.  Since launching the Make Care Fair petition three years ago, a lot has changed in the world of childcare, paid parental leave and the needs of parents.  And given the election that has been called in Australia on September 14, we would love to understand your CURRENT views:


  • Is finding affordable, quality childcare an issue for you, your family or colleagues?
  • Do you need help with out of school hours care?
  • Have you benefited from paid parental leave?
  • Should the Government be extending the education system to include early learning programs for preschool aged children?
  • Do stay at home parents need more support with child care?

I will gladly raise these issues again with the media and representatives of the Government and Opposition in the lead up to the election, but I need your help first in completing a short survey here.

It’s very brief and simple to do – just tick a few boxes and your done.  There’s also space to submit additional comments or thoughts if you wish.

It would be really helpful if you could also forward this request on to five people you know – the more responses we get, the more newsworthy the results will be. And that means the more likely we are to get the pollies’ attention. Thanks in advance for your participation.


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4 days ago

Jen Dalitz

I haven’t been here in a while as the writing has been on hold. But I was reminded today that there are things in our life that light us up. That might take us out of our comfort zone but, once you sit with it, bring you both joy and a sense of “I can do this” achievement. These moments are such a gift. So I’m curious, what’s your special thing that lights you up?

Despite (or in spit of) my professional career, these moments for me normally involve my horses. I’ll never be an equestrian Olympian, but I take great pleasure in all the lessons my horses teach me. They remind me that it’s a team effort, we’re in it together, and that if I’m prepared to give a little bit more, they will too. That’s true whether we’re on the ground taking care of their feet, or grooming, or when I’m atop riding as one. Two hearts one team.
It’s hard to describe the adrenaline and joy they bring to my life. But I’d love to know, what lights you up??
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And so, maybe time does change some things. Or women do.

Skavlan Talkshow
– They let me go at 42 because they told me I was too old to represent women's dreams. #kvinnedagen

Watch our talk show interview with Isabella Rossellini here:
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This is what the future looks like, right here. Calling out the BS for what it is. Good luck to the young people of the United States of America in being forth this change.

Yes She Can
Our future is looking bright
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