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Special sphinxx offer: $50 off a Sydney Clear Choices Seminar – learn how to make the right decisions for you, how to reconnect with you direction and energy and get what you really want out of life

“Too often women short change themselves in their choices. They choose based on what others will think, or expect, or what they have time for. Join me and learn how to make clear choices for yourself. I believe a happier energized you, is beneficial to all.” – Shar Henderson, Clear Choices

For most working women, there is a constant battle to work to your full potential and achieve life balance. All the different tasks/challenges/privileges/people that make up our crammed-full days need to fit in somewhere. And imagine if you knew exactly what you wanted and needed, and exactly where you wanted to get. With that kind understanding, it’d be easier to prioritize, and get life as an integrated, harmonious and empowering whole. I know I definitely don’t always get that balance right all the time!

Which is why I’m delighted to inform you of an event (and special sphinxx discount) in Sydney that grapples with exactly these issues. And I’m not talking the “make a list and stick to it” approach to fixing these issues, the Clear Choices seminar helps you clarify what you intuitively know is the most important to you, how to balance making decisions for your values without sacrificing your desire to serve others and do so confidently, and how to rediscover your vitality and direction.

I think often we just plough on, just managing, because we know so many other women struggling with the same issues. But not everyone is, and you don’t have to be. So if you can make 9:00am – 12.30pm on Tuesday the 27th of July, at The Bureaux, let’s get on top of our lives. And if you’re a sphinxx reader, you save $50 off the $250 price, and can attend for only $200.

Download the flyer and registration form here.

If you’re not sure it’s worth the investment, here are some testimonials from women who have attended:

“I had a great ‘mental health’ morning looking at my values and seeing my past, present and future align. It was great to spend time with other women who were becoming clear on their choices through the valuable values tool.” Sue McDonnell,

“I would highly recommend attending a Clear Choices Workshop for any woman who would like to take some time out of our busy lives to understand what really drives her and learn more about her values. Shar’s delivery of the information was refreshing and honest. I learned so much about myself and how I can move forward into positive action. Thank you Shar.” Clodagh S. Higgins, Marketing & Sales Strategist & Mentor, Get Focused Consulting

“As a woman juggling many roles and frequently feeling wrung out from the inevitable multi-tasking that this demands, your workshop was extremely valuable. Now that I have a clear understanding of the underlying values that are most important and motivating to me, I am committed to reassessing the way that I work and live and choosing to make the changes that will support my higher goals. Yes change is challenging, and I am definitely a work in progress, but the self-awareness that I now have as a direct result of participating in the workshop has given me the clarity I need to begin to make the choices that are best for me. Thank you!” Angela Raspass, Director, Ideas into Action


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