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We all have choices

The Pill turns 50 today, did you know?  Yes, the news on my radio alarm told me this morning that it’s been half a century since the contraceptive pill went on sale in the United States.  With my toddler migrating back to our bed mid-evening there’s little room for romance but The Pill has been a revolution for generations of women and where would we be without it?  I dread to think!  

Its worth remembering though that the introduction of family planning, like many good ideas, wasn’t all smooth sailing.  I learned this morning that though The Pill hit Australian shores shortly after the USA, it was for a long time inaccessible to the masses due to its high price – of course it was a luxury cosmetic, right? Well that’s how it was initially priced and taxed, putting it outside of affordability for many of the women who needed it most.   And then there were the social norms that meant initially doctors prescribed it mostly to married women –  who I agree need family planning too, but I wonder how many shotgun-marriages-come-divorces might have been avoided had it been accepted more readily across society in those early years.  Still we got there in the end and for Australian women it’s truly a true gift to be able to choose whether and when to begin a family. 

For working women there are many other choices we are also able to make – what sort of organisations to work for, buy from, and recommend to others.  Its easy to forget just how powerful these choices can be; and I think some organisations have yet to fully understand the collective force of women determined to make a change.  Women control more than 80% of household expenditure, they are an informed and attractive market segment, and globally control about $20-trillion in annual consumer spending.  Women can choose to not do business with organisations that don’t understand, support and promote the advancement of women.

We all have choices, in our work and in our life.  How will you channel your choice?


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