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Communication skills and focus areas: direct from successful corporate women to you. Highlights from the conversation happening on the sphinxx LinkedIn group

I’m really excited about the sphinxx successful women LinkedIn group, because there are all kinds of discussions, ideas and experience swapping going on.

Recently, Hilary Thompson started a discussion about communication, asking the sphinxx network what they would like to see from a communications workshop. 

There has been a great conversation happening ever since about the different areas women would like communications workshops to cover. Some of the  ideas:

“I feel it is vitally important for people to realize that the most limited form of communication is speaking. The nonverbal communication that takes place is far more compelling than the words. If your nonverbal isn’t on target, it’s quite likely that your words will be dismissed” -Jenn

“I find that people’s own determination of their ability to mind read, tone read or read body language is always fascinating. Most people I think mind read body language and tone automatically and assume they are correct. In most cases, the assumptions can be very wrong. I feel it is better just to ask and confirm that I have read correctly. You may be able to prepare your own body language and tone but your listener may not have and it will be theirs that you will be interested in. By checking, a person would also find out, that if for example the body language is angry looking, that it has nothing to do with the current conversations” – Carol

“I would like to learn more persuasive communication techniques” – Shirley

“In my experience, people’s communication ability improves when they understand some basic principles (notwithstanding learning actual tools and methodologies to implement these insights) such as: …Understanding the various filters people view the world through (which colour what they hear and how they respond often without us knowing it); …Knowing how to be a flexible communicator to give your listener every chance to “hear” you as you intended; …Having an intention to communicate, not just impart information. This is about authenticity, integrity and respect” – Anneli

Is there something you would like to see in a communications workshop? Do you have experience of expertise in communicating? Take part in the discussion here.


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